IT-Core HackOmation Internet of Things prototyping challenge

Build a working Internet of Things Hack/Prototype with your team of 3-5 members within the time-frame of 3 months. The prototypes will be judged by expert panel on technical aspects/complexity, user-friendlyness, features and commercial or social value thereof. Build a solid business model of your innovation.

Meetups (10) for seminars and hand-on work/support sessions will be held weekly on saturdays from 9:00hr till 12:00hr.

Join quickly because seats are limited!

Concept agenda of the event

  • 05/11/2016   IoT introduction
  • 19/11/2016   IoT the basic stack (Hands-on)
  • 26/11/2016   GPIO hardware interfacing (hands-on)
  • 10/12/2016   Electronics & Mechanics (hands-on sessions)
    ------------------ Prototype Building meetups ----------------------
  • 14/01/2017   Building the prototype + progress reviews + pitching training
  • 28/01/2017   Building the prototype + progress reviews + business canvas review
  • 11/02/2017   Building the prototype + reviews + Presenting your product training
  • 18/02/2017   Building the prototype + reviews + final pitching trainings
  • 11/03/2017   FINALS / Winners ceremony

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  • Participants: Individuals (over 12 years in age) working in a team of between 3 -5 members
  • Countries: Suriname, Guyana


You have to physically submit your project with business canvas and pitch-deck for judging on-site in Paramaribo Suriname to be eligeble for judging and participating for the prices. If you need assistance please contact us at

Hackathon Sponsors


1st Price SRD5000

2nd price SRD2500

3rd price SRD1500

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Judging Criteria

  • TBD

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